Best Above Ground Pool Covers: Reviews and Buying Guide 2021

To have a pool in your backyard is one of the best privileges that we can have during the hot summer days. It is an excellent way to spend a relaxing day in your own backyard.

However, now that summer is almost over and fall season is just around the corner, we need something to cover our pools for safety reasons. Further, above ground pool covers are one of the essential tools and accessories that as a pool owner you should definitely have. Actually, to keep your pool safe and protect it from any bugs, dirt, leaves and all other things that can harm your pool, you need a cover to protect it.

So why do you need a pool cover? Simply enough, the answer is in that no one would just dive into a pool that has leaves, bugs and other dirt in it, so that’s why you need extra protection. Actually, one of the main reasons is to keep the pool safe and clean. Choosing a cover isn’t that easy as it may look because there are many things that you need to take into consideration. That’s why we have put together a list with the best pool covers to help you determine your dilemmas. Read down below to find out.

As it happens, we have made a list just for you, in order to help you find the best pool covers. Go through and find out which pool cover fits your above ground pool. These covers will keep your pool safe. Find out which are our top 9 pics that we totally recommend you to buy:

1. Blue WaveMetal Frame above Ground Pool cover★★★★★learn more
2. Visit the Intex StoreSwimline 24’ Round Winter Above Ground Pool Cover★★★★★learn more
3. Blue WaveBlue wave bronze round ground pool cover★★★★★learn more
4. In The SwimIn the Swim Winter Pool Cover★★★★★learn more
5. Visit the Pool Mate StorePool Mate Sandstone Winter Pool Cover, 24-ft. Round Pool★★★★★learn more
6. Visit the Intex Recreation StoreIntex Deluxe 18-Foot Round Pool Cover★★★★★learn more
7. In The SwimIn The Swim 18 Foot Round Above Ground Pool Leaf Net Cover★★★★☆learn more
8. Visit the Buffalo Blizzard StoreBuffalo Blizzard Deluxe Plus Winter Cover for 24-Foot Round Above-Ground Swimming Pools ★★★★★learn more
9. Visit the Swimline StoreBlue Wave Silver 12-Year 24-ft Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover★★★★☆learn more

What is an Above ground pool cover and why do you need it?

Above ground pools are the ideal solution for you to have a pool in your backyard. But  these pools also need some protection. So, simply the protective cover for the above ground pools will help you keep it safe and clean during the summer season and after when it gets cold outside. It serves as a shield and will keep the dirt, the bugs, wind and anything else to go inside the pool. The main benefit is using the pool cover is the convenience. Even during the summer when you are not using the pool, the cover will help you keep the water clean for your next use.

The main benefit that the cover has is the convenience. Which means that whenever you feel like using the pool, you’ll have the guarantee that the water underneath is debris free.

Top 9 Pool Covers for Above Ground Pools

Read our top 9 pics for this Winter season and do not make the mistake of leaving your pool unprotected. Still you’ll need your pool for next spring and summer season to enjoy and relax.

1. Metal Frame above Ground Pool cover

Metal Frame above Ground Pool cover

This cover is made out of durable 7 gauge vinyl and it offers protection for all purposes. The resilient cover also has ropes that are included as well as drain holes that will prevent water accumulation. There is 10-In. of overlap protection. It has air power and the metal frame secures the cover to the pool.

The Dimensions of this cover are: 12.1 x 10.6 inches and it actually weighs: 7 pounds.

2. Round Swimline Winter Above Ground Pool Cover

Swimline 24’ Round Winter Above Ground Pool Cover

This Swimline Ground Pool Cover will be great for your pool and keep it in excellent conditions during winter. Another characteristic of this product is that it will keep your pool in the shape that you’ll need it for Spring. This cover is actually made to prevent wind-blown dirt and leaves from getting inside the pool. It is actually made to provide max resistance to damaging ultraviolet rays and to stop deterioration. Also, during the Winter time, this air pillow will keep it safe from ice.

It is made from polyethylene sheeting woven. It also has thick high- density stitching that ensures straight and durability. In this cover a ratchet and cable system are included.

The measure for this cover is: 4’ x 8’ and it actually pushes the cover up off the surface of the water.

3. Blue wave bronze round ground pool cover

Blue wave bronze round ground pool cover

This 24 feet round cover for your pool and it will guarantee the safety of your pool because of its strength and durability. This bronze cover will actually help you protect your pool from the sun, ice and from the wind as well. The Arctic Armour cover also protects from U.V. so it will last for many years under direct sunlight. Further, the cover is black on the underside and the heat is sealed which means it will result in a crystal clear pool for next Spring. The 4 foot overlap will also ensure a proper fit and will help from stretching and ripping the covers within 3 foot overlaps.

The dimensions of the pool cover are: 21 x 5 x17 inches and it weighs 10.65 pounds.

4.In the Swim Winter Pool Cover

In the Swim Winter Pool Cover

This cover comes with a one year guarantee and it is very reliable for protecting your pool during the cold winter days. This product is not very expensive and is very affordable. It is made from laminated polyethylene sheeting woven and has a high density polyethylene stitching. In the full package there are cable and turnbuckle included. What is very important is that this cover is light and is made from ultra- violet inhibited, triple- laminated polyethylene.

The dimension of the cover is: 27’ in diameter, round fit 24’ diameter. This pool cover also comes with a 8-year limited warranty.

5. Pool Mate Sandstone Winter Pool Cover

Pool Mate Sandstone Winter Pool Cover, 24-ft. Round Pool

Want something safe to protect your pool? Then this winter cover will help you to prevent your pool from any damages during the cold period. This is a solid cover that won’t allow any water to pass through the material. It will help you prevent your pool of extra heavy-duty polyethylene. Actually, the sandstone topside of the pool cover is also made to prevent any UV damage on your pool.  Its black underside will as well help you to prevent algae growth during the Winter days.  There is a four-foot overlap rail and you may consider it for a larger pool size. The cover will float on the pool water without any problems and it is meant to be used as debris during the swimming season.

A winch and a cable are included and they will help you secure your pool though grommets around the parameter. Also, for extra security cover clips and cover raps are sold and suggested. There is no method of installation that is recommended.

It has a 15 year warranty, size: 24 foot round, cover size: 28 feet with the overlap in total and it weights: 16.3 pounds.

6. Intex Deluxe Round Above Ground Pool Cover

Intex Deluxe 18-Foot Round Pool Cover

This Deluxe round pool cover offers all the protection that you need for your pool. What is very important is that it is UV resistant  and it is made from a polyethylene which is resistant to the UV. Also, this deluxe pool cover will shield and protect your metal frame pool. This cover has also built in drain holes that will prevent any water accumulation as well as it is secured tih the ropes that are included.

This 18’ pool cover will fit 18’ diameter pools. It’s dimensions are: 7x 16 x 14 inches and it weights only: 8.46 pounds.

7. Leaf Net Catcher Cover for an Above Ground Pool

In The Swim 18 Foot Round Above Ground Pool Leaf Net Cover

Another above ground pool cover that we recommend is the Leaf Net Cover. This is a cover that will protect your pool from any leaves, especially if your pool is somewhere near trees. It prevents decaying leaves from colletning in your pool and in the water as well. This LeafNet cover is the ideal resolution during fall and winter seasons and will help you keep your pool clean. Simply just put this leaf catcher on your pool before autumn comes and all leaves from the trees come down. It will help you prevent causing any mess, struggles and it’ll catch the falling leaves.

It is made from durable knitted polyethylene and comes with fastening loops, wire and a metal winch which is a security for the pool. It comes in a black cover.

It weighs only 5.15 pounds.

8. Buffalo- Blizzard Cover for Above Ground Pools

Buffalo Blizzard Deluxe Plus Winter Cover for 24-Foot Round Above-Ground Swimming Pools

A cover that will help you protect your pool during the winter cold days is the Buffalo Blizzard Cover. It is a very affordable and economical purchase. Actually it has a great effect and will keep your pool safe during the cold period. It is very easy to install and comes in blue and black colour that you can choose from.

There is a 4 ft of overlap that makes this 28 inch round cover for a secure installation. The additional material which is used to compensate for lower water levels and uses an air pillow and the swimming pool top rails.In the package there is included a vinyl coated cable and a winch.

This is a cover that will help you protect your pool from pouring rain, snow and high strong winds. The cover is made for a very strong material that will help you expand the lifespan of your pool.

Also, another advantage of this pool cover is that when you close your pool it will keep your pool safe with its double stitched and triple thick hems. What is more important is that the cover is UV resistant and the nylon threads that are used protect your pool from any damages from the hot sun.

Further, during the installation of this winter cover you’ll need some help, because you’ll need to lower the water level so you can place it over the pool.

The Buffalo cover comes in many sizes and colours that you can choose from. This is actually a cover that will fit in your budget and needs so make sure to order one today.

9. Silver Wave Round Above Ground Pool Cover

Blue Wave Silver 12-Year 24-ft Round Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

This silver above ground pool cover offers the protection that you need during the winter period. It will keep your pool safe and clean for the summer season. Made from heavier woven polyethylene scrim and coating, this cover is strong and ideal to prevent your pool from the strong winds.

Another important and valuable thing like the other covers, this silver cover will protect from UV and other harmful effects that the sun can have. With this cover your pool will be protected during sleet and snow as well.

The black underside of this cover retards algae growth and is heat sealed so it offers you a crystal clear pool for next spring and swim season. It has a 4 feet overlap which means that it won’t stretch and rip smaller than 3 foot overlap covers. It has a heavy duty vinyl coated cable and tightener that is anchored by tip proof metal grommets.

Its dimensions: 21 x 5 x 17 inches can fit a 24 feet pool, the cover size is 28 feet and it weighs 16.72 pounds.

Your Buying Guide on Pool Covers- Factors to Consider:

This part of the article will actually help you determine some important facts before you buy the perfect pool cover. Make sure to read this part before making your decision.

Determine the purpose of your above ground pool:

Make sure that you know what you need from the pool cover. They are a way to keep your pool safe during the Winter period:

  1. They can keep your pool safe from rain to ice and wind as well.
  2. There are covers that slow down and evaporate your pool’s water, another that actively heat your pool and reduce heat loss to keep your pool warm.
  3. Pool covers that keep away leaves, trees and other debris. There are ones that reduce the UV rays from hitting the water

Select the right size, shape and measurement:

One of the most important things to take into consideration is the measurements. Actually the cover has to fit your pool in order to protect it. There is no point buying a round cover if your pool is a square shape. Make sure that there is enough to reach the edges with enough overlap.

Is it sturdy enough to stay on?

This is a very important fact that you need to take into consideration, especially during the winter. You’ll need a cover that is strong enough to resist snow, heavy rain or strong winds. The cover needs to be hard enough not to be ripped off by leaves, dirt and enter into your pool.


Make sure to pick up a pool cover that has a durable material. Make sure to check the material because it is for outdoor purposes, so it needs to outstand the hot sun or the heavy rain, as well as snow during winter. It is essential to pick up a cover with a material that will last longer and it’ll save you money and no damage costs.

The Warranty of the product

There is a settlement when it comes to the longevity of a pool cover. If you pick a thick, denese cover they are usually with a higher quality, especially the part that comes with them about the UV protection. They might be a bit more expensive but will help you more. Generally speaking, the cheaper the pool covers the less it will last. Meaning a season or two, but with every cover you need to be very careful.

How to Install the Above Ground Pool Cover?

It is not very hard to install an above ground pool cover. It may seem difficult but you don’t need to worry.

All you have to do is to make sure that the water is below the pool skimmer. Next, you just have to spread the cover and put it all over the edges of your pool. You might need some help so you install it easier but you’ll have no trouble doing it on your own but it’ll take more time. Use the cable to secure your cover.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Question: How to cover an above ground pool with a winter deck?

Answer: If you need a cover that is made from a ground pool, then we can help you. The covers would be placed beyond your pool and onto your deck. All you can do is weight down with sand bags or just put hooks so they can last longer during the winter period.

Actually, if you are about to cover the pool top rails, down the inside and from the ground pool it won’t be that necessary. There is also the option for the pumps that are available and excess water after it rains a lot during the fall and winter period.

2) Question: What is the greatest way to cover an above ground pool?

Answer: So, the perfect way to cover an above ground pool is with wall bags that are filled with water and lie on top of the cover. These bags will actually weigh down and you can secure them with cables that you are using for the cover. There is another option to help you and that is to cover the pool with clips that will clutch the top rail of the pool and will hold the cover in one place.


If you are wandering around on the Internet feeling lost and asking yourself how to save your pool from getting dirty, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list with all the best pool covers that will help you keep your pool clean and safe during the cold winter days. We’ve narrowed down all the advantages and disadvantages that will help you choose.

The cost of the pool covers differs, so go through the list and check which pool cover fits your price and pool range. What is more important to note is the fact that they are available and easy to find.

By using a pool cover, you are not just protecting your pool, but you are saving money, time and the longevity of your pool. Don’t wait much longer, go through the list, pick out what fits your budget and order one right now.

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